QWhat is a board foot?
AA board foot is the unit used to measure volumes of wood. It is equivalent to 144 cubic inches, or a board that is one foot in length, one foot in width, and one inch in thickness.
QDoes Zeeman with Zeemill cut down trees in the city?
A We can recommend local tree removal companies to begin the process and then we’ll take over when the tree is in log form.
QCan I help with the milling in any way?
AAbsolutely! You can help with stacking the lumber, loading the logs, and turning the logs. This will save you both time and money!
QIs there any size of log that you can’t handle?
AWe haven’t encountered one yet! Besides our extra-wide bandsaw mill, we also have a 72 inch chainsaw mill to mill extra wide logs.
QCan you mill all winter long?
AYes, we are a year round operation.
QWho’s the handsome guy in the logo?
AHow flattering. It’s Joren, The man with The mill.
QHow far are you willing to drive with your portable sawmill?
AIt depends on the job. Please give us a call and we can discuss your options.



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    We use a Woodmizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill to mill your logs. The narrow, thin-kerf bandsaw blades that we use reduce the amount of wood that is turned into sawdust. This results in greater lumber yields from your logs.

    The mill has a fully hydraulic log loader, turner, clamp, toe boards, and side supports to make manipulating of even the largest logs quick and efficient. Increasing the amount of time where the blade is cutting has resulted in the LT40HD cutting up to 550 board feet per hour.

    Having the mill on a trailer allows us to bring it right to you. We can even mill the wood in your backyard by driving the mill right up beside the logs.

    Our mill has been professionally expanded to cut logs up to 52 inches in diameter. This means we can tackle even the biggest monsters for live edge slabs or table tops without using an inefficient and wasteful chainsaw mill.

    In addition to our mill, we have various other equipment to handle whatever the job might call for. We have multiple chainsaws for bucking, limbing, and felling trees ranging from a one handed arborist saw (Stihl MS 193 T) to the biggest saw on the market with a 5 foot bar (Stihl MS 880).

    We also use a hydraulic splitter to process firewood from the parts of the tree that won’t produce good quality lumber. This allows you to retain the tree as a renewable resource rather than having it end up in a landfill or as a pile of mulch.

    In order to manipulate or move logs we have log arches, winches, grapples, jacks, cant hooks, strong backs, and big biceps. These all help us to minimize the impact on your property compared to large machinery.

    All of our equipment is properly cared for and well maintained so you can count on it to do the job exactly the way you want it done.

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